Far north. The bait manufacturer Northern Baits is located there. Northern Baits is based in Denmark. Framed by the North Sea and Baltic Sea and criss-crossed by picturesque lakes, rivers and fjords, the southernmost country in Scandinavia is a paradise for every (carp) angler – because Denmark has much more to offer than sea trout, cod and co.

We would like to have a closer look at Northern Baits here, because the bait manufacturer is not yet so present on the German market. The man behind Northern Baits is Brian Westergaard, who has been a carp angler himself for many years. Northern Baits sources its products directly from the famous Danish mills, which supply the highest quality flours and proteins. Check out Northern Baits‘ online store and you’ll learn that the baits claim to use some of the highest quality ingredients „ever used in bait“, such as advanced digestive ingredients and feed stimulants.

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This arouses our curiosity and that’s why we want to know more about it. We asked someone who was very knowledgeable about Northern Baits baits. Andreas Traxler, head of the Austrian team, presents two boilies that are among the absolute favorites not only for himself, but also for the team and numerous customers. What are those, Andrew?

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PROmino – always looks good

PROmino is one of the most popular baits on the team. It actually always delivers, regardless of whether it’s a long-term feeding place or instant for overnight-sessions. The boilie cuts a fine figure even in cold water below 10 degrees. Visually, the bait looks rather unspectacular to many, ranging from brown to greyish hues. But the smell is unique, you either love it or just find the whole thing disgusting. Somewhat reminiscent of vomited meat, one might say, with a hint of sweetness. This fragrance does not come from anywhere, but the ingredients are unique in combination.

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Fermented Meat Meal, Brocacel Brewer’s Yeast, our signature Blue Mussel Powder, Corn Protein, Liver Meal, Liver Extract Liquid, Promino Powder, a Why Protein Concentrate, Amino Blend, Cherry Amino. The PROmino contains more than 50% easily digestible proteins. Even after several days in the water, the baits are still very attractive and even more active.

Northern Baits: This is included in the PROmino

Anyone who has ever dealt with the production of bait knows the unforgettable raspberry scent of Minamino in the nose. This liquid alone has valuable nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that come from the liver and spleen. Even soaking with Minamino Liquid is an effective boost for your bait.

Fermented ingredients are in fashion at the moment anyway and enzymatically broken down flours are simply easier to digest for our carps. Because as we know, our underwater pigs don’t have a real stomach like we humans do. Meat flour was a good booster for match dough when I was young.

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Our blue mussel flour is particularly attractive, as with GLM, the power of nature is used here. Corn protein and liver give the bait an extra boost to increase the protein content.

Whey Protein is a very valuable protein-containing milk product that is produced during cheese production after removing the solid mass of casein. Mammalian milk provides two different protein fractions: whey protein, i.e. whey protein, and casein. The whey contains a large part of the valuable ingredients of the milk. Undesirable substances are removed by filtration and the protein is concentrated until a powder is formed and the protein content is then between 70-80%, it is an excellent source of protein in the bait.

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Kriller – it‘s the mix that counts

Kriller and the big fish magnet; Kriller Garlic – an all time favorite. As the name suggests, this is a fishmeal boilie with a maximum amount of pure krill. Food-grade organic crushed whole garlic as a topping.

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This bait impresses with a special mixture of two different high-quality LT94 fishmeals, a pre-digested fishmeal, pure krill, crushed organic garlic, various spices, milk protein, fermented corn protein and Himalayan salt to round off the spicy taste.

Visually, the boilies are slightly dark reddish, but the scent of garlic and spices is pungent in the nose. A lure for the old men in the squad. A bit reminiscent of a classic fishmeal bait from the late 90s. Many love the bait because of its slightly firmer structure.

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The combination of LT94 fishmeal and pre-digested fishmeal is known to be a good base for a solid catchy bait. Both meals provide a high protein content and also ensure solubility in the mix. Krill and garlic are essentially the complement to the first two ingredients. The effects of extra added garlic essential oil are probably known to many. But what many underestimate are the fats in the bait. These are just as important as proteins, one of the best known being Omega 3. This is found in many marine meals such as krill, squid etc.

Omega 3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fatty acids. And fish mechanism cannot produce these itself. They must therefore be supplied through external influences, i.e. through food. Omega 3 fatty acids, which are vital for our organism and of course also for the carp, are also called essential fatty acids. And thus serve as a perfect energy supplier. That’s why these boilies catch too well. The carp know where they get their energy from.

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To the online shop of Northern Baits

Are you also curious? Then take a look at the Northern Baits online shop. There you will find a lot more exciting information about the products and the brand.

-> Visit the shop at www.northernbaits.com and www.NBProTackle.com