S-PROcoco with bestseller-potential – a boilie-testimonial


Only recently we reported on our website about the Danish bait manufacturer Northern Baits. With some justification: The origin of the boilies and their creation and development processes deserve special attention in several respects. On the one hand, this is due to the special features of the distribution structures: Northern Baits obtains its products directly from the famous Danish mills, which supply the highest quality flours and proteins, which can sometimes pose logistical challenges for domestic bait manufacturers. Brian Westergaard, lead developer behind the products, even refers to their homepage as „the highest quality ingredients ever used in bait“.

Boilies on test – trust is good….

This self-confidence, which is guided by trust in the boilies, undoubtedly also reflects high expectations. This expectation, in turn, proves to be a benchmark that sets the framework for product testing, which Brian Westergaard’s team considers an essential part of bait development. Conversely, this also marks a certain fall height: Boilies from Northern Baits have to be very good in order to meet the requirements. What in theory testifies to the high quality of the boilie components must first prove itself in a test on the water. And not only in Denmark, but also in this country, under the conditions in more southern regions, read: here in Central Europe.

A good reason, then, to let one of the test anglers of the Austrian branch of Northern Baits have his say. This one is dedicated to the newest upstart of the range, which is still in the test phase. We hand over the writing to Andreas Traxler, who takes us on a session on one of his local hard waters, talking methods, tactical tricks and thoughts behind what he is doing and why.

S-PROcoco with bestseller-potential – a boilie-testimonial -

The unexpected often comes – from difficult beginnings and happy coincidences

We write at the beginning of May 2022: Once again I went to my favorite water, an old and deep gravel pit. This time with our new test boilie: the S-PROcoco. Admittedly, the hopes were limited, but I knew that a long weekend lay ahead of us – an unmistakable sign that there would be a lot of anglers on the water. When I arrived at the water, it quickly became clear that I was going to be right about that. But luck was on my side: Despite the high level of activity and many occupied positions, I found a somewhat abandoned area in a corner.

S-PROcoco with bestseller-potential – a boilie-testimonial -

Finding a spot was relatively easy as I had saved a few GPS points nearby. I rowed out to these points, one after the other to look at them with the underwater camera. However, the spots did not feel very convincing to me. So what should I do, because in the end I was dependent on the place due to the lack of alternatives. I had no choice but to stay, and make the best of it. Looking closer on my saved GPS points, I found 2 more in reach. The confidence was not entirely unfounded, because at least my limited radius of action enabled me to assess these two further potential spots. That meant for me again: rowing out to these spots and checking with the camera. Arriving at the first spot, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

S-PROcoco with bestseller-potential – a boilie-testimonial -

Looking for signs: Showtime for the Carps

What I had to see made me look spellbound at the monitor. I never experienced that one could watch carp feeding so undisturbed. However, that was only for limited time, because unfortunately I scared the carp away with my presence. But that didn’t change my newly gained confidence: I firmly believed that one or the other fish would come back to this place again under cover of darkness.

S-PROcoco with bestseller-potential – a boilie-testimonial -

S-Prococo in action: Bumpy start

So I took action: I put a marker near the spot and fed about 3 kg of S-PROcocos in 3 different sizes over a large area. I baited the left rod at the spot with an S–PROcoco hookbait, which I had previously given some cork buoyancy to to make it like a weightless boilie. I simply fished the right hand with a double boilie presentation. I put down my self-made wafter rod at the edge of the square in the slightly overgrown area. I placed the other rod in the middle of the spot. Unfortunately, as is so often the case, the first night was uneventful. The Delkims were dead silent. But shortly after sunrise the rod at the edge came to live. After a short but wild fight, a nice commen landed in my net. There you go!

S-PROcoco with bestseller-potential – a boilie-testimonial -

I was already full of motivation and had a good feeling about the rest of the morning, but it turned out differently than you think. I quickly had one more bite, but I lost in the weed. However, this setback unleashed new strength in me. The rods sharpened again, relaxed a little on the chair and the tackle box brought into shape. The hopes were high…but ended up being replaced with a little disappointment.: I didn’t register a bite again until the next morning. I then checked the places with the underwater camera. All boilies, including a catchable rig, lay untouched at the spot. Shortly before sunrise on the last morning, a rod went off after all. Unfortunately, however, with a bream on the hook. So I drove home with a crying and a laughing eye. Nevertheless: After the experience with the underwater camera I had made the decision to come back soon. With a little more time to spend.

Again – It’s getting hot

It’s now start of July, the new moon was over – and with it the supposedly best time, as many say. Unfortunately, I also only had time to go fishing during this phase of the moon. But I was actually very confident because of my recent successes on the water.

Wednesday around noon I finally arrived at the water. With the sweltering heat and hardly any anglers in sight, I thought I had a better chance of success. So I was finally able to fish in a place that is otherwise always occupied. But my approach was quite simple: Fish  differently than the others on the water.

After the sweaty build-up in the midday heat, I went in search of a spot. Since I’ve never fished this area before, I roughly scanned the area available to me to get an idea of ​​the underwater situation. I knew from previous sessions where the markers of the other anglers were, so those areas were out of the question for my tactic of wanting to do everything differently. My left rod settled on a sheer ledge in the middle of nowhere. The spot was perfect to feed nicely with bait at the foot of the edge, especially as my rig was well camouflaged by the underwater features.

Here I distributed plenty of 16s, as well as whole and halved S-PROcocos and laid the rod with 2 halved boilies on the hair. The rig of my choice: Simple stiff rig with soft hair and long shank size 4.

Change of strategy – a good decision?

I put the second rod down in the middle of two large weed beds on a very soft, sandy spot that I had previously tested with the Poseidon ground tester. No signs of mud at all, just nice light sand. Here I thought I would use this natural spot to fish with a single hookbait. I placed a single 24mm S-PROcoco on a soft braid with a size 2 wide gape hook. Any passing by carp should be sucking in the visual bait right away.

As soon as it was dark, the rod between the weed beds was away. This time it was a small but beautiful mirror. God start!

I immediately cast out again under cover of darkness without feeding anything new. Around midnight the next bite came, again on the rod between weed beds. This time the carp turned out to be a bit stronger and more aggresive, because the quickly ended up in the weed. A common came to light with an estimated 10kg. But it look like small fish was feeding heavely on the boilies, and I did now have hard hookbaits with me. So while I was still in the boat I decided to change the S-Prococo and go for a balanced, single XXXL S-PROcoco tigernut in order to have a catchy rig on the spot until sunrise. The rest of the night was very quiet again. Until that sunrise. This time my rod at the foot of the ledge had a take. After a short and hard fight, a torpedo-shaped common came up in the clear water. However, I lost the fish just before the landing net. Inspecting the rig, I noticed that the hair has wrapped around the bow of the hook. The poor hook position as a result of the shortened distance to the hook may have caused the drop off.

On the bank I thought about what I could change and decided to switch to a very light bait that floats very easily. I decided to try with a 16mm S-PROcoco with a 15mm NB4 pop up, lightweight snowman style.

All good things… – new attempt with a fat end

The next 24 hours passed again without any action, which is not unusual on this diffucult  water. I checked the rods every 12 hours with the underwater camera, but everything seemed fine. It lasted until the next sunrise when I finally got a new run, this time again from the rod on the edge and the fish immediately went for deeper water – an unmistakable sign that I was dealing with a better specimen and it also had a more calm and „heavy“ swim. After a good 20 minutes of fighting, a round mirror appeared. How relieved was I when I had the fish in the net. This was the start of a good series of fish. I decided to I put the rod on the spot again on the way back with the fish and fed the spot a little doing so.

S-PROcoco with bestseller-potential – a boilie-testimonial -

In the early afternoon, out of nowhere, the rod was off again. This time, after a hard fight, a long bigger common showed at the surface. I had a feeling more fish where in the area, so again a little feed and the rod back out on the way back. As soon as the pictures were taken and everything was brought back into shape on the bank, the rod was off again. This common delivered a great fight in the clear water and kept pulling the line off the reel, super hard fighting carp. I was finally able to net him. I looked into the net and figured it might have hit the magic 20kg mark. The scales finally settled at 19.7 kg.

The calm before the storm

After the two fishes in the afternoon, calm returned. I again had to wait until the next day when the rod on the edge was off again. This time I lifted the rod and tried to tighten the drag a bit, but the fish took line. meter by meter. When I was finally over the fish with the boat, it was calm and slowly swimming its way without being impressed by my counter pressure.  The first 20 minutes in to the fight, I was sure I had a catfish on the hook. The joy and release was great when I saw the fish for the first time. No catfish, it was a carp. And what a! I opened the brake abruptly and carefully adjusted it with my finger. When the fish broke the surface the first time I was speechless, a mirror as big as my landing net and then a two-tone.

The fight was ended in my favor: When I unhooked the carp in the net from the boat, I  thought it could be a 30+ fish. After all, there was a bull’s neck in front of me. The scales confirmed my thoughts!! A fish over 30 kilos!!!! How long have I waited for this moment and talked about it with my buddy and now the moment was here. The pictures were quickly taken and the fish returned to its element.

S-PROcoco with bestseller-potential – a boilie-testimonial -

After a short break, a strong coffee and countless messages to family and friends, I put the rod out again 2 hours later. It finally lasted until dawn when a fast run startled me around 4:00 a.m. The fish took line again without a break, immediately pulled into deep water and again began a fight that I will not forget to this day. When I finally got to the the bank again and got a good look into the landing net, I almost ended up in shock haha. The rest happened as if in a trance: with trembling knees, fetched the scales, weighed the fish and the reality came to me slowly…again 30+ kilos. In under 24 hours the same rod and same bait – the S-PROcoco. I was speechless. What a dream trip.

My conclusion: if you are in the right place at the right time, dreams can sometimes come true. Thanks for the right bait.

S-PROcoco with bestseller-potential – a boilie-testimonial -

This is the S-Prococo from Northern Baits

When you open the bag, a creamy, sweet smell of coconut and vanilla will hit your nose. Based on first the look, one could assume that this is not an HNV (High Nutritional Value) boilie. The truth is far from it, because the ingredients S-PROcoco speak a different language: A long list on ingredeints like LT94 fishmeal refined with the finest attractors such as N-Butyric Acid, pre-digested fishmeal, squid extract, hydrolyzed liver powder and peanut extract, refined with the – in Match fishing very established – Vanillin round off this ball in the truest sense. First tests in the Northernbaits team have caused a stir and have recorded some really good fish.

S-PROcoco with bestseller-potential – a boilie-testimonial -

To the online shop of Northern Baits

Are you also curious? Then take a look at the Northern Baits online shop. There you will find a lot more exciting information about the products and the brand.

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